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Marianne Hornbuckle

Hornbuckle, Marianne

About the Artist

"I explore the mystery and complexity I experience in the world, making rich layered abstract paintings, with color and shape my primary focus, and creating small bronzes nudes that express the ever varied human form."

Painter and sculptor Marianne Hornbuckle's vital engagement with her two very different forms of artistic expression is the result of her desire to fully explore and express the extent of her creative abilities, to stay interested and fresh as an artist, and as an individual. She has created substantial bodies of work in both genres, finding the rhythms of their processes a foil for one another.

Hornbuckle exploits the properties of contemporary acrylic paints, using the different viscosities of gels and mediums to make complex surfaces that are alternately transparent, translucent and opaque, with mysterious color created by layering complimentary colors to create new colors. She rarely uses a brush, preferring to drag the paint with various other tools.

She creates classic contemporary sculptures from life,  capturing the unique essence and particulars of her subjects. 

Painting, Sculpture
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