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Manfred Rapp

Rapp, Manfred

About the Artist

Born in Germany, at the age of 23 enrolled in the Art Academy of Konstanz, Germany where after 7 years of study receiving his Masters Degree in Fine Art while working for Messerschmidt Boelko Blohm Air Industries as a technical plan-drafter for aircraft engines & general air dynamics & concepts. During this time, many study trips were made to Paris, Rome and Venice where Manfred visited the famous art museums and began his study of the Great Masters. Being greatly inspired by the French Impressionists and many years of experimentation Manfred has combined his own artistic visions in developing his unique style of oil painting. His representational rural, urban, landscapes and figurative subject maters are crated by combining Impressionism with glazing techniques of the Old Masters. Museum exhibition of his work have been held nationally and internationally. Manfred has also been represented in many fine art galleries throughout the US and Europe. Also specializing in mural work.

Other Studio Tours
Joe Wade Fine Art Gallery in Santa Fe, NM, Autin Galleries in Austin, TX, The Other Side Gallery of Fine Art in Berlin, Germany

5th and Pine Avenue, Chama, Village of Chama New Mexico