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Linda Storm and Pablo Perea

and Pablo Perea, Linda Storm

About the Artist

I am an American artist Linda Storm who paints with Cuban artist Pabo Perea. We had solitary artistic careers until we became neighbors in rural New Mexico. Our inevitable artistic collaboration began in 2010. We have created more than 200 paintings together and exhibited 100 at a solo exhibition in NYC. We are very interested in placing our art in public places.

In our Santa Fe, NM studio we paint parables. Through archetypal, surreal symbolism we depict the impact of humans on nature, her endurance, and the universal cycle of life. There you will find oil wells rooted to dinosaur bones, corn spirits growing, a horned goddess sowing seeds, and many works in progress, as we prepare for our upcoming solo exhibitions in NYC and in Havana, Cuba. A review of our 2014 NYC exhibit stated: Their art “most certainly has opened a new window on the horizon indeed for this century in art”.

Together we are four hands, two cultures, one artist. Our art is a visual language of our story, and our trust in each other to depict it with humility and confidence. All of our art has two signatures: Linda Storm and Pablo Perea. Our vision is for our art to be a global presence of cultural collaboration across the varied landscapes of humanity.

Painting, Painting
Santa Fe Studio Tour
Linda Storm and Pablo Perea Art Studio

Glorieta, NM 87535