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Lisa Bick

Bick, Lisa

About the Artist

Encaustic is an ancient technique involving melted beeswax, damar resin and pigment applied in layers like translucent veils. Each layer is then fused with the fire of a blowtorch.
I come to encaustic with a textile sensibility. Each step of the process is like weaving-the warps and wefts of life and art, of loss, desire, longing and death are fused together in the layers of wax with fire. I seek to create images that resonate with history as well as the modern; the rare and the common; order and disorder. My paintings are constructions of memory and desire and fragments of personal information. Through them I also can trace my travels-from the cisterns of Istanbul to the frescoes of Florence to the tragic beauty that is India. I weave the foundations and make marks and find that history, the poem, the light or the dark follows on its own.
I live and work in Santa Fe, NM.

Santa Fe Studio Tour
Encaustic Art Institute

Santa Fe, NM 87506