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Aleta Pippin

Pippin, Aleta

About the Artist

Pippin's paintings are about energy (vibration), color, and freedom. Her work has a spiritual bent and is a result of continual exploration. She believes that true art comes from within and color is central to her individual expression.

Pippin paints spontaneously acting as a conduit for the painting to flow through her; allowing it to express, paying attention to the direction it’s leading. When she's in this zone of freely expressing, she's deeply involved in the evolution of the painting, acting as a vessel through which the energy and intuition are flowing.

Pippin's statement is beauty, which can be translated differently for every individual. For her, it is the imparting of a feeling of appreciation, joy, and energy. She gives the viewer freedom to find their own truth and to see beauty in their own way when observing her paintings. Pippin likes to think of her art as liberating, offering a creative window into resonant beauty.

Pippin is loves to have viewers/collectors express how beautiful and powerful the paintings and how they are touched by the color, energy, and imagery.

Painting, Digital Art
Pippin Contemporary

Santa Fe, NM 87501